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Now ruins, the city of Draaken was once the capital of the Dlakite people, an off-shoot of the Verdite. Very little effort has been put into researching these forgotten people. It is believed they were animistic with their faith, preferring to worship their ancestors and great beasts of legend. This may have lead to their downfall.
Like everything else in the Dlaken Plains, Draaken has been covered in a thick layer of ash and salt. Strangely, the ancient trees of Draaken seem to be thriving despite most flora, and fauna, having died off in these apocalyptic conditions.


Still found today in the city of Windcliff, the Dlakite people are an off-shoot of the Verdite. Their culture, now primitive and superstitious, is believed to have been one similar to the First Men with an emphasis on honor and kinship. A great disaster befell their entire civilization nearly 600 years ago forcing them to rely on the Mohrite people of the Parched Expanse to survive.


Easily confused with the monolithic structures of the First Men, Draaken is primarily made of old stone foundations, brickwork, and steel. Most, if not all, buildings within Draaken have various heiroglyphs carved into them believed to identify who owned the building and it's purpose. Recently, pilgrimages of the Dlakite people have returned to the city to cover them in bone-charms and gris-gris to help ward off evil spirits that are said to plague the city.


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