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First Men


Ancestors of Solmites, Verdites, and Mohrites, the First Men are an ancient species of Humanity that reached Solith several millennia after it had already been colonized by other Sophontic species. This did not stop them from conquering most of Haven and decent portion of Moorwald. In the thousand years that have passed, most of the First Men society has crumbled under the weight of time only to be remembered in ancient books and the few remaining Divine from that era.

Knights of the First Men

The First Men government functioned as a war-driven stratocracy. At the top of this violent government were the Knights of the First Men, elite soldiers, magi, and tacticians that were the driving force behind the crusades continued success. Tomes speak of each one taking upon an oath, through magical rituals, that allowed them to live on eternally for as long as they held this oath.

Knightly Armaments

Nearly every Knight was gifted a specialized weapon, or two, and a set of armor. According to a book within the Library of Roseannia, these should still be located within many of the ruins of the Jagged Expanse. Many sets of armor have also been collected and stored within the Shardholm Museum.

Knight Esbeth

Protector of Walls, Lord of Steel, and Butcher of the Selvian are the main titles that speak of this hulking First Man. Books that seem more like mythological deeds rather than fiction state his oath involved the protection of building and structures.
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General Information

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Genetic Descendants
Average Height
Around 7 feet tall.
Average Weight
Around 180 pounds but weight fluctuates greatly from muscle growth.

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