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Located on the Western coast of Solith, Haven is known for its extreme diversity in both landscape and population. This geographical diversity has led to a bounty of unique resources such as Blackstone and Marble, alongside a plethora of exotic flora and fauna found nowhere else on Solith.
Despite having the resources to sustain its population tenfold, the same abundance has also been the cause of centuries of strife throughout Haven's recorded history.
For nearly a hundred years the nations of Haven have existed in relative peace due to the isolation caused by the Unfallen Plague. But now with the return of Lady Death, many of these same nations are reigniting their war machines in the name of conquest and country.

Oaths, Spells, and Prayers

Like most of Solith, Haven thrums with the magical influences of both Faith and Mana. Untapped faunts of Mana and countless corpses of fallen Divine have allowed the ordinary to perform the extrodinary. This reliance on magic has lead to a sharp decline in technological prowess within Haven. This decline has only been exasperated by the various catastrophes that have pock-marked the history of this land.

Blood Soaked History

Since the arrival of the First Men nearly three thousand years ago, Haven's history has been repeatedly marred by religious crusades, genocidal conquests, and even Faith-Fueled Apocolypses. Each layer of blood painted across the land has lead to a beautiful, but macabre masterpiece of Sophontic inginuity and survival against all odds.

Campaign Setting

Most Ravare campaigns take place within Haven. If you are interested in keeping up-to-date better with Ravare's campaigns, join our Discord!

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  • Haven
    Haven is a region within the continent of Solith.

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The Jagged Expanse

Green Shores, Roseannia's Oasis, Teanda
Named after the jagged cliffs and canyons found in this region, the Jagged Expanse was home to the ancient First Men. The Jagged Expanse is now known best for the hundreds of invaluable ruins, mysterious runes, and intricate magic-work. Much of the Jagged has remained uninhabited since the collapse of the First Men but plenty of overly-curious historians with brimming pockets have made settling in this area well worth the effort.

The Parched Expanse

Dust Shores, Salt Isles, Shardtooth Range, The Parched
The desert of Solith created by Shadiym. Ancestral home of the Greenfolk.

Haven is a region within the continent of Solith.


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