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Dust Shores


Seemingly saved from the calamity that befell the rest of the Parched Expanse, the Dust Shores are known for their strange weather patterns and intense temperatures. Its location leads to frequent rainstorms that are countered by the dust storms that managed to cross the Shardtooth Range. Despite the harsh environment, the Dust Shores are home to many settlements and people unlike anywhere else on Solith.

Natural Resources

Bounty of the Ocean

Due to the seasonal storms caused by Shadiym's migration, much of Haven is unable to take full advantage of the Blacksea. However, the Dust Shores are seemingly unaffected by the great Leviathan's storms allowing them to harvest the sea's many resources year round.

Rare Timber

Various types of trees can only be found within the Dust Shores. Because of their rarity, many craftsmen will spend plenty of coin to work with such exotic materials. The most notable of these trees is the Dust Leadwood known for its hardiness and deep color.

General Information

Alternative Name(s)
Unparched Expanse (natives, only)
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