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The first settlement of the Loxodon and home of many species of Mohnagi . Built along the salt-crusted shores of Wrotboil Lake, it is considered sacred by the Loxodon. Though the city cannot grow its own food it has become rich with the constant trade of salt with the rest of Haven.

Salt Trade

Unable to grow food so close to the saltwater lake, Saltbless is forced to trade with the cities of the Verdant Expanse for its people to survive. Caravans travel great distances to trade salt harvested from Wrotboil Lake to anyone who will buy it.

Mohnag & Loxodon

While the rest of the world shuns the Mohnag, the Loxodon have come to respect the Greenfolk for their tenacity and ingenuity. Together the races have built a civilization in the most uncivilized of places through hard work and unwavering dedication. Every person within Saltbless understands that survival is only accomplished by working side-by-side in the light, no matter how hot the sun becomes.

General Information

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Saltspray Bazaar

To trade is to survive within the Parched Expanse so it is no surprise that the largest city within the salt desert hosts one of the largest markets in Haven. The most common trade is that of food and ancient First Men artifacts.

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