Molgraw's Tooth


Distuinguishing from the rest of the Shardtooth mountains by sheer size alone, Molgraw's Tooth is both a natural landmark used for navigation and the ruins of an ancient Dwarven Hold that has been left unexplored for several centuries. Though it is not the largest mountain on Haven, it is the largest mountain within the Parched Expanse.

New Inhabitants

With the original Udirkith inhabitants long since vacated, Molgraw's Tooth is now home to several varieties of birds of prey, including the famous Saltwaste Vultures and Sand Rocs that scour the Parched Expanse. It is because of this large influx of birds that the Hold is often referred to as the Aviary.

Purpose / Function

Hallmaw Hold

Originally constructed by the Udrithi Empire as a foothold in the Parched Expanse, Hellmaw Hold was never fully constructed before the inhabitants were driven out by the local Sand Rocs and various beasts that live within the Shardtooth Range.

General Information

Alternative Names
The Tooth, The Aviary, Hellmaw Hold (Sand Dwarves)
Parent Location


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