Found deep within the Shardtooth Range resides mining village of Slate. Known Most notably for supplying much of Haven's slate and its dangerous mining practices. Because of its location, it was able function autonomously throughout most of the Fall. It was eventually purchased outright by the Capital of Graystone in the year 87 AF when the settlement finally ran out of food.


Though technically under the control of Graystone, Slate is overseen by the Miner's Guild and is not required to pay a monetary tax. As long as the settlement keeps supplying slate to the Capital, it remains unbothered by beuracracy.

Creative Water

Over the past ten years, members of Slate have found ways to conjure water seemingly out of thin air. With this method, less and less of the population is inclined to work the mines and instead focus on learning Faith-based magic.


Founded in 5 of Fall.

General Information

Around 120.
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Quick Notes

  • Though it may rain in Slate, many of the locals still deal in water rather than gold.

Notable NPCs

Slate Militia
  • Captain Marthog, Leader of the Slate Militia


  • A few merchants have claimed that Slate has ways to transport their mineral goods from the Shardtooth without needing any manpower. How could they manage this?

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