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Niath Grasarn


Center of Trade and Home of Guilds. Those were the names of Graystone before the Ravenpeak Invasion of 78th of Fall. Now the trade city is ruin by an oligarchy of Narti's Elvish High Priests. Many civilians managed to escape during the Invasion, but thousands still remain in the partially subterranean city. With the protection of Ravenpeak at its side, Niath Grasarn (New Graystone in Elvish) has been left to its fate by the other capitals of Haven.


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Black Sentinel Gates

Known as a modern marvel, the Black Sentinel Gates are three massive Blackstone gates made by layering thick sheets of Blackstone and cementing them together with molten steel. The foundations of the Gates were laid back when Graystone was simply a quarry, but have grown extensively since. Over the years the three Gates have been overlayed with several layers of Blackstone that give them a distinctive, patchwork appearance that is now associated with Graystone.

Outer Walls

Built in a similar fashion as the Black Sentinel Gates, the Outer Walls of Graystone are also constructed of layered Blackstone. Though they are thick enough for several people to stand atop of, the walls are not hollow but rather filled with an assortment of spare gravel and soil from the mines of Graystone. Since the recent takeover by Narti's Brood, the Walls are now being enchanted with dozens of wards and sigils of unknown purpose.

General Information

Alternative Name(s)
Guildhome (Was in the process of renaming), Niath Grasarn (New Graystone in Elvish)
Around 30,000.
Inhabitant Demonym
Grayman, Sarnite (Elvish)
Districts of Graystone

Graystone District

Both the first District you reach when entering Graystone and the most popular, the Graystone District is also known as the Merchant's District by the locals. After the occupation of Narti's Brood, the Graystone District is the only District that outsiders are allowed to visit.

Blackstone District

Home to the many Guildhalls of Graystone, the Blackstone district was were much of the economic power of Graystone resided. Narti's Brood has now begun work on rebuilding the District.

Whitestone District

The Whitestone District was the seat of Graystone's political power and housed the several embassies required to keep the coin flowing. The ancient homes of Dwarvish nobles are now being transformed into Brood Pits in the name of Narti.

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