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Lighter than steel, hard as diamond, and highly conductive to any and all magic, Blackstone is a valuable resource that is only found within the region of Haven. Notably, Blackstone cannot be duplicated, fabricated, or altered with magic, forcing those that wish to use it to either learn how to chisel or pay great sums of money to those that already do. This lack of duplication also leads to a limited quantity to be found on the market.
When Dwarves migrated to Haven they quickly set work to building massive holds, mines, and quarries to gather as much Blackstone as they could. Much of the Blackstone still in use today originate from those very holds, mines, and quarries. As cities such as Seawatch and Shatterhold delve into ways to better use Blackstone, the price rises. Most, if not all quarries, have stopped running after the Fall of Lady Death and the Disasters at Graystone.


One of the most common uses of Blackstone is the construction of fortifications such as walls, keeps, or strongholds. After the construction is finished, magi of all sorts are hired to cover these fortifications in protective sigils, wards, or runes. Additionally, with such high enchantability, Blackstone is now favored in the construction of Golems and without it, there would be no living constructs such as Blackstone Vestiges.

General Information

Slightly of dust and old wood.
Like rocks.
Always black.
Common State
Found in large veins throughout the mountains of Haven.

Quick Notes

  • If it were not for the Blackstone trade, Haven would be completely isolated from the rest of Solith.
  • The weight of Blackstone seems to vary based on the location it is mined making it hard to charge by weight.

Raw Blackrock

Mined Blackrock

Refined Blackrock


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