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One of the larger continents floating along the The Endless Ocean, Solith is a troubled land with many of its conflicts linked to its numerous and petty Divine. Los'Mozakas, a region of dense rainforest and sickyly swamps, makes up the Eastern side of the continent. Haven, a land of verdant valleys and strong religious influences, makes up the Western side. Seperated from the rest by a large mountain range known as the Throat of the World is Moorwald, a land of wind and frost, that covers the Northern tip of the continent.


  • Solith

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Comparatively tame when set beside its sibling regions of Moorwald and Los'Mozakas. Haven's dangers come not from its terrain but those that live within it. The quiet abundance of Haven attracted the attention of countless Divine and mortals alike. It is this same attention that turned this haven for the Beastfolk to the god-forsken land it has become.


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