Runegate Praisers


When Lord Tennant rose to the Divine rank of Exarch, he spread his seed across Solith leaving Runegates scattered chaotically across the continent. Many have come to fear these portals to places full of danger and mystery, often going as far to destroy them or build walls around them. But others, known as Runegate Praisers, have come to worship these mystical structures as Divine in their own right.
The Praisers believe that through devotion they will be able to empower the Runegates and use them for various tasks such as exploitation of resources or magical or technological study. Many of these groups have lead to catastrophe due to the natural hostility of the Runegates but the faith grows stronger with every encounter.

New Growth

With the Runegates having only existed since 9080 of Rebirth, the Runegate Praisers have yet to establish set customs or ideals outside the worship of the Runegates. But as the years pass they become more organized allowing them to understand their true goal for the Runegates rather than general greed.

Unorganized Religion

The chaotic nature and the increasing casualty count has forced the Runegate Praisers into a cultural role rather than religous one. This also helps them avoid being hunted by the faithful of the The Nine.
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Hi there,   Interesting article, although I have to say I ended up more interested in the runegates themselves rather than on the runegate praisers. I'd love to see a tooltip on the runegates, for example, to get a bit more info about what exactly are they. Or a sidebar giving a description/picture. Alternatively, if you want to focus more on the group itself, it'd be interesting to know exactly what have they been trying to do with the runegates. An example of one such group or expedition in the form of a quote could help illustrate their process.   A couple of things:
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You are currently under 300 words. You may already know this, in which case, ignore this point. If you had not realized: time to write an extra hundred words ;)   I also really liked how, due to their chaotic nature they are not considered a religion, and thus not persecuted. That was a really nice touch.

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