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Lord Tennant

Exarch of Portals


The youngest addition to The Nine, Lord Tennant is the Elemental Exarch of Portals, Harvest, Passage, and Subtlety. He was given the throne of Ravenpeak by Ram before his death, making him both King and God of the Peak Elves. Despite his sudden and unexplained takeover of both Ram's Domains and titles, Lord Tennant seems favored in the eyes of the many Courts of Ravenpeak.
Lord Tennant is also responsable for the many Runegates, portals to places unknown and most often hostile, that have been scattered across Haven. These Runegates have caused a great deal of pain to the Sophonts of Haven and many of them have been collapsed or walled off to keep the nearby settlements safe.
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General Information

Divine Classification
Current Location
Current Residence
None, but takes the form of an adult male Solmite.
Ruled Locations
Lord Tennant, Exarch of Portals, Harvest, Passage, and Crystals.

Portal Domain

The Domain of Portals refers to magical gateways that have the ability to transport objects from one location to another. With few natural portals found on Solith, Lord Tennant has been forced to conjure his own to scatter across the continent. The Priests of Portals are known for seeking new locations to place Runegates. With each new Runegate, the Domain's power grows dramatically.

Harvest Domain

After the disappearance of the Exarch Ram, the Harvest Domain was given to Lord Tennant by Lady Death for assisting in her rebirth. Once the Domains purpose was purely agricultural until it was warped by Ram to be used by those who wished to reap souls from the living. Today, the Priests of Harvest use the Domain to extract resources from the various Runegates.

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