Solith Runegates


With the arrival of Lord Tennant and his quick ascension to Exarch, magical gateways known as Runegates have been scattered across Solith. How they are contructed or powered is unknown to those outside of Tennant's Clergy but their tendency to leak chaotic Glow and raw Prime have made them a plague on the common folk.

Leaking Entropy

Having been left as failures by the Inhamus Clergy, many of the Runegates remain half-powered, leaking chaotic Elemental Prime and Realm-Tainted Glow. This conflux of magical energies wreaks havoc on the environment around the Runegates leading to strange mutations, enraged Elementals, and spell-warping toxins.

General Information

Lord Tennant


Despite it being impossible to transport objects through Runegates, it is not uncommon for objects from other Realms to travel through. It is currently believed impossible for living creatures to travel through Runegates.
You can see Runegates scattered across the Haven map, they look like empty gateways.

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