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Elementals are beings of pure energy formed from the Elemental Energy radiated by all Elemental Planes, including Ravare. When encountering Elementals outside of their normal plane, they often exist in one of two different states. The first of these states, that of Order, has Elementals coexisting with one another in a region by assisting in maintaining the balance of the natural world. The second of these states, that of Chaos, has Elementals at war with one or more other types of Elementals. This destructive and dangerous state can be the cause of numerous types of natural disasters such as massive blizzards or even town-ruining earthquakes.
Locations with greater Elemental diversity often appear to be almost naturally magical, such as floating islands or singing forests. On the opposite end, the less diverse the Elemental population, the more mundane a location will inevitably be; such places may include flat, open plains or vast, nearly lifeless seas. Though knowledge of Elementals varies from region to region, it is common knowledge that these creatures exist more as living fundamentals of Ravare rather than material beings as we understand them.
Where Elementals could be considered the embodiment of Natural Laws, their counterbalance is the Divines, who can change these Laws on a whim so long as they have the Faith to maintain it. Their contrasting natures often make Elementals and Divine at odds with one another in a fashion remarkably similar to the near-constant battle of civilization and the wilderness that it replaces.

Invading Forces

Elementals are known for invading into other Planes of Existence to grow and expand their Elemental Domain. These invasions generally referred to as breaches, are most common on Planes without much Elemental balance. Planes with opposing elements, such as Fire and Water or Life and Death, suffer nearly daily breaches. Ravare's uniquely isolated location in the cosmos has allowed it to avoid breaches for nearly a thousands of years.


On Ravare, and across the many Planes of Existence, there are specialized Magi intent on understanding, communicating with, and even controlling Elementals. Known as Shamans, these Magi, take up the responsibility of maintaining peace between the Elemental Cabals and often take great care to help diversify Elemental populations. The Tuathans of Ravare have preformed Shamanistic rites for so long it became akin to an instinct.

Elemental Factions

Elementals are broken up into their Types, such as Fire or Water, and their Cabals. Each Elemental Cabal has a unique agenda and specific methods for success. For instance, one Cabal of Earth may wish to create large cavern systems while another prefers to build up mountains. Cabals that share a Type with another are always at peace, while Cabals with different types will either maintain Order if both Cabals are of equal power or can delve into Choas if one is more powerful than another.
Types are lead by Core Elementals while Cabals are lead by Shard Elementals. The following list names some of the common and widely-known Elemental Cabals that are found across Ravare.

General Information

Elemental Classification

  • Mote - The smallest of Elementals that are barely able to alter the world around them.
  • Fragment - The most common of Elementals that survive through numbers.
  • Shard - Leaders of Elemental Cabals, often the strongest Elemental one can find.
  • Core - Elementals of extensive power that oversee entire regions and command entire types of Elementals.
  • Titan - Lone, massive Elementals with enough power to match even the might of a Divine.

Primary Elements

Scholars believe the cosmos is made of 10 key elements: Air, Earth, Decay, Fire, Frost, Life, Light, Shadow, Storm, and Water.

Elementals of Solith

Originally, Solith was rampant with various Elementals, but after the arrival of the First Men, or far more accurately when they summoned their many Divine to Solith, the Elemental population was culled to make way for civilization. Many species that relied upon Elementals, like the Tuathans and Centaurs, were forced to adapt to these harsh and new conditions. Because of this culling, Haven specifically is nearly controlled entirely by the wills and whims of the Divines that exist within the region.


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