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Elemental Shard


Elemental Shards are the powerful and nearly Sophontic leaders of Elemental Cabals. Where Elementals are found, there is likely a Shard guiding them along the paths of both Order and Chaos.
Unlike lesser Elementals, each Shard has an identifying name and title that denotes their role in the Elemental Heirarchy. This, alongside their strangly sophontic nature, allows non-Elementals to communicate directly with their local Cabal. Of course, Elemental Shards are just as unstable as the rest of their Elemental kin and rarely take kindly to the intereference of outsiders in their affairs.

General Information

Other Elemental Classifications
  • Mote - The smallest of Elementals that are barely able to alter the world around them.
  • Fragment - The most common of Elementals that survive through numbers.
  • Core - Elementals of extensive power that oversee entire regions.
  • Titan - Lone, massive Elementals with power to match the Divine.

Shards & Shamans

Though some Shamans are able to bind and control Elemental Shards, most must rely on their communication skills to handle these powerful Elementals. Shamans that truly weild the awesome power of a Shard are highly respected and often feared.

Quick Notes

  • Shards physically grow in power the larger the Cabal they control grows.
  • It is unknown how an Elemental Shard can develop into an Elemental Core.


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