Elemental Fragment


Making up the bulk of the Elemental population throughout Ravare and other Elemental Planes, Elemental Fragments take the shape of the regions native fauna and use these forms to alter the world around them. Most, if not all, Elementals encountered by people are Fragments.
Unlike Motes which all take the same vaguely orbish shape and size, Fragments come in sizes from the average house cat to as large as horses or other steeds. Like with all Elementals, the larger the Fragment the more control it has over its innate powers and its own emotions and thoughts.

General Information

Other Elemental Classifications

  • Mote - The smallest of Elementals that are barely able to alter the world around them.
  • Shard - Leaders of Elemental Cabals, often the strongest Elemental one can find.
  • Core - Elementals of extensive power that oversee entire regions.
  • Titan - Lone, massive Elementals with power to match the Divine.

Fragments & Shamans

Fragments make up the bulk of a Shamans arsenal for both battle and utility. Many Shamans will spend years, if not decades, searching for the perfect Fragment to suit their personal needs. Fragments that take up the form of flying creatures such as bats or birds are preferable above all others with mounts coming in close second.

Quick Notes

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