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Elemental Mote


Taking the form of small orbs of pure energy, Elemental Motes are the weakest classification of Elementals. Motes are turbulent creatures that are unable to control their actions or emotions causing them to rapidly fluctuate between states of Elemental Order and Chaos. Due to their limited ability to function outside of their original Plane.

General Information

Other Elemental Classifications
  • Fragment - The most common of Elementals that survive through numbers.
  • Shard - Leaders of Elemental Cabals, often the strongest Elemental one can find.
  • Core - Elementals of extensive power that oversee entire regions.
  • Titan - Lone, massive Elementals with power to match the Divine.

Motes & Shamans

All Shamans possess the knowledge and power to communicate or bind Motes. Due to the weak nature of Motes however, most Shamans quickly unbind their Motes as soon as they are able to bind Fragments.

Quick Notes

  • Within Haven, Blackwater Motes are the only commonly known Motes to exist. They reside within the Blacksea.


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