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Elemental Core


Powerful, alien, and terrifying, Elemental Cores are near fabled Elementals that exist at places of great Elemental influence. Known as the Emissaries of the Titans , they rarely make contact with non-Elementals outside of declarations of change, war, or peace. It is currently unknown the rank Cores have amongst the various Cabals but it is well understood that they have the power to organize Chaos and corrupt Order at will.

General Information

Other Elemental Classifications
  • Mote - The smallest of Elementals that are barely able to alter the world around them.
  • Fragment - The most common of Elementals that survive through numbers.
  • Shard - Leaders of Elemental Cabals, often the strongest Elemental one can find.
  • Titan - Lone, massive Elementals with power to match the Divine.

Cores & Shamans

Only Shamans of legend have ever bound Elemental Cores to their will and even then these legendary figures quickly were swept away by their power.

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