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Elemental Titan


Revered as Deities on their home Planes, Elemental Titans are beings who's power can only be countered by an Exarch. Titans throughout history have always been solitary creatures that wander the world in a pattern undetectable by the native sophonts. Most seem to bring about Order as they wander the lands but others may find entertainment in the Chaos they can cause amongst the Elemental Cabals.
Cults have come and gone under the titanic, uncaring gaze of these eternal beings of unfathomable power. On Solith, histories of both Humanity and the Udrithi Empire have tales of Titans creating the lands, the skies, and the seas in a manner akin to the way a Divine uses Faith. The Eld however believe that Titans arrived from external Elemental Planes and used their immense powers to warp the world around to their needs rather than being the catalysts of creation.

General Information

Other Elemental Classification
  • Mote - The smallest of Elementals that are barely able to alter the world around them.
  • Fragment - The most common of Elementals that survive through numbers.
  • Shard - Leaders of Elemental Cabals, often the strongest Elemental one can find.
  • Core - Elementals of extensive power that oversee entire regions.

Titans & Shamans

No legends or histories have ever recorded a Shaman binding an Elemental Titan. Few Shamans even have the power capable of communicating with these ancient, near mythological creatures.

Quick Notes

  • Bemyriq of Solith is one of the few Titans believed to have ever been slain by mortal beings.


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