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Ancestor Sophont

Pregenitor Elves

The Eld are the original Elvenkyne that traversed across the Endless Ocean from their Eldavar homeland to settle on Solith's eastern shores. These unparalleled masters of The Glow's many subtle arts saw the fertile shores of Los'Mozakas and set to work twisting and warping the land for their progeny. Like gods themselves, the Eld sculpted the very earth beneath their feet into monolithic monuments erected in great rituals of terrible might and magic. Only the Udirkith of the Moorwald and their horrendous Udrithi Empire would ever come close to rivaling the sheer and utter mastery of magic once commanded by these most ancient and venerable Eld spellweavers.

Like the ancient Udirkith before them and their vast empire of might and artifice, the Eld's unending hubris would bring about their inevitable downfall. The land, distorted in the image of their ancestral homeland, burst forth with the rage and anguish trapped within Solith's heart and its firey lifeblood. Ruin and pestilence on a cataclysmic scale poured forth from the molten rivers of rock once drawn upon by the Eld spellweavers for the power to shape the earth. It was as if Solith itself rose to reclaim its shores from these Eld invaders. As foul insects as numerous as the stars and as black as boiling pitch poured forth from its heart seeking to devour the Eld's creations of grand vanity and overt arrogance. These progenitor Elves were never the true masters of Solith as they so wished to believe, a fact only made more evident by the fire and death that consumed their civilization. Even their gods turned against one another, driven to near madness by the horrid forces pitted against them. Faced with their inevitable destruction, the most desperate among the Eld and their few remaining gods fled into The Wyld and braved its maddening miasma in the desperate hope their people would survive their own annihilation and reach the other side.

General Information

Genetic Descendants
Ageless Immortals
Conservation Status
Nearly Extinct.
Average Height
8 to 10 feet tall.
Average Weight
Around 150 pounds.
Related Ethnicities
Notable Eld
Narti, the Wyldqueen. Eldac, First of the Eld. Oul, Mistress of Beasts. Ealia, the Sorcerer of the First Flame. Zia, the First and Final Breath. Nevac, the Wayfarer. Celia, Mistress of Ruin.

Childen of Eldac

The Eld first learned to weave The Glow on Eldavar and brought with them a vast font of arcane might held within the blood of their most powerful spellcasters. Legends say that Eldac, First of the Eld, sacrificed himself upon Solith's shores to gift his children with deific magic and nigh immortality. Many Elves believe this Font of Eldac sustains their people on Solith and that without finding a way to renew it, the Elvenkyne will surely perish.


Few reliably accurate descriptions remain of the Eld from the age before their exodus across The Wyld. Before corruption twisted their people, they were once towering humanoids with skin that was said to be as fair as freshly fallen snow. Legend has it that the Eld's iridescent blood shimmered just beneath the thinly-stretched surface of their pale skin with a brilliant radiance that spoke of their innate magical power. Many also believed an Eld's sharp eyes could pierce the veil between worlds and even gaze upon the souls of those who dared meet their chilling gaze. Their alien and unsettling appearance is a thing of the ancient past, as today's few surviving Eld are monstrous creatures utterly warped by their time in The Wyld. The beauty of Narti was once a thing worthy of poetry, but when the green and its alluring power consumed her, she was twisted into a horrific amalgamation of plant and flesh as the Wyldqueen. While Oul, Mistress of Beasts, was warped into an inhuman creature of tooth and claw in her quest to become the most deadly creature on the continent but the cost of her very identity and mysterious past.

Lost Radiance.

As far as life on Haven is concerned, no true Eld have survived into the modern age. The few Elves that have survived the centuries since the Elvenkyne first appeared on Solith are so far from the progenitor Elves that they are unrecognizable. The dreaded Wyldqueen: Narti, may have one had a beautiful Elf's appearance, but at her heart, she is a vile and twisted creature. Likewise, the Mistress of Beasts: Oul, cannot even recall her true form and now prefers a horrid monstrous visage.

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