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The Wyld


A massive spooky jungle that causes madness.

Canopy of Darkness

Great Wyldwood trees branch upwards into the sky in reverence to the life-giving sun blotting out any sunlight that attempts to filter through the leaves. Great birds and countless creatures can be heard rummaging high above the ground, some never touching the ground within their lifetime. Dark, misty clouds can be felt more than seen the higher you go up within the Wyld. To creatures of the Wyld, damp and dark is a way of life.

Walls of Bark, Sea of Leaves

Below the canopy, new species of parasitic trees grow in countless number. Each throbbing with weird magic the Wyld is given an eerie blue-green glow during the day. As the Wyldwood trees drink in the sun, the parasites drink in their nutrients. Sight is a complicated venture with countless trunks blocking your view. The twisting plantlife turns the jungle into an endless maze.

Mycelic Floor

Massive roots of the Wyldwoods are coated in fungi of endless sizes and shapes. Each one giving a unique scent to the air, your senses are quickly overwhelmed. It is said that these fungi are what truly causes the madness of the Wyld. Any creature that remains on the jungle floor is to be feared.
Entire lakes of water can be found hidden under layers of floating mycelium. Rivers flow from the trees feeding into smaller ponds. Creatures that defy explanation exist within these waterways.

General Information

Alternative Name(s)
Wyldwood Jungle, the Wilde (Dwarves only)
Forest, Jungle (Tropical)
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