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Gaze of Giants

As Observed by Elias Dods.


The Gaze of Giants was constructed by the ancestral dwarves during their conquest of the Throat of the World and expansion of their empire. The ancient @udir intended it to mark their sovereign claim over the land, to bind their rite of conquest in the blood and toil of the weak; this was the fate of any land fell upon by Gaul and his mighty empire. Three cyclopean Udirkith carved into the side of the vast mountainside comprise the massive monument to dwarven might, and even the sheets of ice cannot hide its magnitude. These titans of war are each carved in a unique set of elegant armor that hinted a much deeper, lost meaning.


When the Udrithi Empire first began their wave of conquest across the Throat of the World they did so only after decades of preparation. The Udirkith's veteran military was a well-trained and efficient machine that dominated the scattered northern peoples in just a fortnight. Udirkith fortresses and fortifications would mar the land in blood and fire from which it would never heal, and oh how deep their hooks dug in. Every able-bodied creature was forced into service to the glory of the Udrithi Empire or die by its sword. So they were whether they were beast, Garkith, or human.
In the coming years of conflict with the First Men, the entire sides of mountains would be cleared away to make way for their prideful monument. Each prisoner captured and people subjugated by the Udrithi Empire would only add more workers to their great effort. The Udirkith used these statues as symbols of their rule over the land and as a warning to any challengers. It had just one clear meaning: Rise against us and be crushed beneath our greatness. This monument would also serve as a key defensive fortification in the years of conflict the dwarves would have with the First Men.
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General Information

Alternative Names
The three dwarves, Ushkel Geshud
Monument / Statue, Large
Parent Location

Northern Superstition

All who travel in the north know these titans still hold power over the land, and many will not travel under their gaze. It is a common superstition that anyone who travels under their gaze will find their journey blocked by strife and conflict. I found their gaze to be like an unsettling presence in the very air and quickly found myself taking another path.

Titans of War

The enormous Udirkith are commonly referred to as the three dwarves but are known as Leadership, Dominion, and War in the Udrithi tongue.

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