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Black Roads


The Black Roads are ancient tunnels that reside deeply below the surface of Solith. They from the tip of the Moorwald, to the peaks of the Throat of the World and past the Shardtooth Range. From each major road several hundred paths branch outward so that their Udirkith creators could reach any point of Solith.

History & Rumor

The horrors that went into the creation of the Black Roads would haunt the soul of even the most heartless of creatures. They are not just simple roadways to the ancient Udrithi Empire; they are an embodiment of their wanton need for destruction and conquest. The twisting network of tunnels fed the Udirkith war machine as it swept across the Throat of the World, down into the Stygian Throat to fall upon Haven. The Garkiths tell whispered stories of the Heart of Gaul that lies at the center of the veinlike Black Roads and that from it the tunnels continue to grow inch by inch towards conquest. Few adventurers do not know of the dangerous passageways through the vast mountain range from the mighty beasts that lurk in the darkness to the poisonous plants that blossom in the dank tunnels.

Unmappable Maze

This maze of tunnels is both designed to confuse and enchanted to do so. No maps can plot a true course through the Black Roads, and those who attempt to do so will find their attempts at cartography looping back around on themselves. Because of this, much of the Black Roads remains unexplored with few people traveling farther than a day or two before turning back. Entire sections of the tunnel system have been sealed away from the world for centuries.

General Information

Alternative Name(s)
The Underkingdom
Underground / Subterranean
Location under

Terrors of the Black

The creatures that prowl the darkened tunnels of the Black Roads are some of the deadliest creatures on Solith and are the remnants of dark experimentations by Udirkith flesh magi.
Though few of these monstrous creatures leave the damp tunnel system when they do only death and chaos follow them.


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