Lady Death has fallen from the heavens, her ever-smoldering corpse left as a grim reminder of the Nine’s greatest triumph and the plague now faced by the living. For you see, without the guidance of the Lady of Finality the dead now roam the world in growing hordes. Ghouls feast upon the flesh of the living while geists drive their minds to madness.
Even with waves of undeath wandering the world, the races have found ways to survive. Families dismember the bodies of their loved ones, cities build great walls to keep the people safe, and burial grounds are set ablaze. A world without the release of death is a world of misery.
You and your allies are Gravehunters, specialized individuals that have mastered various ways of permanently disposing of the undead. You are tasked with reclaiming the land in the name of the living, at any cost.
— Introduction to Haven

Themes of Haven

Horror Fantasy

Life within Haven is fantastical in nature but horrific in design. Rotting creatures with carrion still fresh on their breath roam the land in the hunt for their next meal. Tormented spirits of the beaten, murdered, and discarded seek vengeance on the living through acts of mental trauma so severe many are driven to take their own lives. Magic may allow miracles to be performed but on Haven, even miracles have a cost.

Death has Died

Lady Death herself has been slain by the Nine, the prominent deities of Haven. The dead are no longer given rest but instead roam the world with nothing short of hatred in their hearts for the living. Each day the races of Haven strive to survive each night while listening to their loved ones cry out their names in hunger. Without the finality of death, the only thing the living have to look forward to is an endless unlife of misery.

Madness Lurks

Violence. Homicide. Cannibalism. Necrophilia. When the world turned against the living, their minds began to crack. The void where morality, compassion, and civil decency was has been filled with deep, hungering madness they cannot contain. This very madness is worshipped like a god and held above all others. Those that have the will to resist its call are often broken by those who have accepted it with zeal.

The Region of Haven

Isolated & Desperate

Secluded from the rest of the continent, Haven is situated between the rough, mountainous region of Moorwald and the endless jungles of Los'Mozakas.
Though it is well-known there are other inhabited regions throughout Solith, there has been little to no contact between the outside world. If it were not for the Dwarven Blackstone trade, no news of the other regions would ever reach the populous.
Regardless, Haven pushes forward, unwilling to bend a knee to even the fall of Lady Death herself. From the stories told by those that dare venture out of the region, Haven may be the last safe place.
We spoke to the Faefolk about the lands past the Wyld. They did not answer with their voices but with their eyes. Empty, soulless, and half-mad. We spoke to the Weirdfolk about the lands across the sky. They did not answer with their voices but with their bodies. Broken, warped, and half-mad.

It was then we knew we were alone.

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