Beastfolk are Sophonts created through the direct or indirect influence of one or more Godbeasts. Most adapt to some form of bipedal humanoid with distinct animalistic features. Because Godbeasts can form without direct worship of a Sophont, Beastfolk are often some of the oldest Sophonts and beasts found on their native realms.


Faefolk are any Sophont that is attunned to Prime rather than Glow or Faith. Faefolk are directly tied to one of the Elements their Realm is bound to, most commonly be Life, Earth, or Storm. Because of their connection to Prime, Faefolk are nearly always the first Sophonce to rise after the Beastfolk.


Deadfolk are any Sophont that were once considered dead but have been risen back to life. To be differentiated from the common undead, Deadfolk must still have access to their soul even if only partially. Deadfolk are almost exlusively found on Shadow Realms but have been found on Realms of Storm or Decay.


Manfolk are Sophonts found across the Cosmos who show the greatest potential for Divinity. They exist across nearly all realms and serve as the backbone of Faith on countless worlds. They have shaped many Realms and given rise to truly mighty Divine over the eons. The greatest among the Manfolk descend from the forgotten crusaders of Humanity's fallen empire.


Blessedfolk are any Sophont that were significantly altered through Faith. Normally, this means the Sophont was altered by a Divine but there are cases of Domain worship altering Sophonts in a similar way. The most common Blessedfolk are the Pierdorians created by Angels to further the goals of a specific Domain.


Greenfolk are sub-category of Blessedfolk that only exists on Ravare. Greenfolk are any Sophont that originates from the original Manfolk cursed by Argous to appear more monstrous to reflect their once-warlike nature. Now free from the shackles of Urlog's many wars, Greenfolk are trying to find their place in the world as anything but soldiers.


Formedfolk are Sophonts whose Sophontic Soul is held inside a fabricated vessel. Due to the complex nature of taking a Soul from one body and successfully transplanting it into an object most Realms do not have Formedfolk. With their Soul disconnected from the natural world, Formedfolk are no longer able to give Faith through worship.


Merfolk are sub-category of Faefolk. Merfolk are any Sophont that live primarily in a liquid environment. Most commonly this means deep waters such as oceans or seas but on some Realms have Merfolk that survive in molten rock or within caverns of steam. Merfolk have a natural connection with Primal energies


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