Exarch of Zealots


Rigid and duty-bound, Argous is the Manfolk Exarch of Duty, Fire, Grudges, Innocence, Purity, and Zealotry. Thought to be lost in the old ways by many, Argous holds a deep hatred of many of the sophontic people of Haven. Having etched every grievance brought upon his people in the last three thousand years into his armor, he will never forget nor will he ever forgive. His followers, mainly those from The City of Marble, view his grudges against the other sophonts as a holy decree and march in great crusades against them.

But even among the thousands of grudges Argous holds close to his heart, none burn more than his hatred for Beastfolk and Greenfolk. Because of this, the Pyre Priests of The City of Marble have dedicated their lives to the purification of Haven in the name of Argous.
As the brothers bathed in the ivory blood of the Titan herself, Argous began to question the reasons why men were so quick to kill that which they did not understand. Urlog did not.
— The Tome of the Ten

General Information

Divine Classification
First Men
Honorary & Occupational Titles
God of Zealots, Lord of Purity, God of Flames, The Pure One, Holy Father.
Current Residence
The City of Marble.
Divine Symbols & Sigils
A steel brazier with a roaring flame.

Quick Notes

  • The oldest Exarch of Mankind, Argous ascended alongside his brother Urlog when together they brought low the great Titan Bemyriq.

Divine Domains

Cleric Domains: Light, War.

Followers of Argous are bound by their duty to Argous, Telia, and The City of Marble. To some this may mean joining the military, to others, this may mean healing the wounded.

The prefered tool of war by followers of Argous, fire is as beautiful as it is destructive. Even the youngest of initatives know how to manipulate flames for protection or destruction.

Humans gather grudges as quickly as they make friends, often holding onto them for generations. Argous has turned this prolonged, slow-burning hatred into a tool to be used by his followers to manipulate the masses and control the battlefield.

To harm the innocent is to defile the very word of Argous. The sick, the elderly, and children are free from Argous' wrath. That is until the world robs them of the innocence that is keeping them safe.

Among no other religion do you find the concept of sin, acts that are deemed so immoral that you lose the blessing of your deity. But among the followers of Argous, sin is a disease that can only be cured by fire.

There are no greater gods than Argous, and no better cause worth dying for. His followers are willing to fight to their last breath, and potentially beyond, in his holy name.

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