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Lucious the Zealot

Archangel of Zealotry


Willing to curse even the Primordials themselves if it would give Argous but a speck more of power, Lucious is the epitome of blind rage and zealotry. Standing apart as the only non-human Archangel under Argous, he is also the most feared. It is said he keeps marks a notch on the Grand Temple{NAMEPENDING} for every life that has been taken in the name of Argous.

God before Kin

Despite his mortal form having been that of a Highland Dwarf, Lucious has proven time and time again he would burn the Hold's of his people to the ground if Argous even suggested that it would aid his growth. This blind zealotry has earned him the title "Kinburner" within the Dwarven people.

General Information

Divine Classification
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Kinburner (by the Dwarves)
Current Residence


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