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Located on the Western shore of the Solemn Expanse, the City of Marble functions as both holy ground and fortress for the faithful under Argous, Telia, and Rona. Known as the Pantheon of the White Flame, these three deities take direct control of the capital and are well known for using their immense, divine power to rule with impunity.
The City of Marble is famously built around the corpse of the Marble Titan Bemyriq. There is no known source of marble throughout Solith aside from that which has been carved from the titan herself. Once harvested, this marble is blessed by Telia herself and put to use in thousands of different works from the grand walls circling the capital to living statues made of marble and gold.

Orders of the White Flame

Each section of the City of Marble is ruled by a unique religious order. The Order of War is ran by the Churhc of Argous and is focused on the protection of the Capital and its various war efforts. The Order of Marble is dedicated to the the worship of Telia through various artistic mediums and the fortification and architecture of the capital. The newest of the three, the Order of Pyre, is dedicated to Rona and has a focus on making sure the fallen are given a proper rest without the influence of Lady Death.
Do not give in to sin, for he will hear you. Do not give in to laziness, for he will see you. Work towards perfection until your flesh peels to the bone and your soul grows tired. Only then will you be welcomed to the Marble Court.
— Marblewrought Codex


Being primarily constructed from the flesh of Bemyriq, the City of Marble appears as a mass of white buildings with off-grayish rooftops. With organized roads and regulated building construction, the capital shows obvious signs of being built with a grand design in mind. Though the Solemn Expanse is fairly flat alongside the coast the City of Marble appears to be built around a large hill from afar. It is not until you enter the marble gates that you are able to see, and feel, the massive corpse at the center.
Priest's Ward
Located on the North-Eastern side of the capital, the Priest's Ward hosts the Order of Marble. This ward is watched over by Selena, Archangel of Marble, herself. Massive works of art are perfected here, most notably the Marbleborn creatures that wander the streets of the capital.

Crusader's Ward
Located on the Eastern side of the the capital, the Crusdader's Ward is the militarized district of the City of Marble. Ran by the Order of War, no other army within Haven compares to the zealous dedication the Crusaders muster. In fact, unyelding zealtory is a requirement to join.

Merchant's Ward
Located on the Western side of the capital, the Merchant's Ward controls the dockyards and various remaining shops and workplaces of the City of Marble. After the destruction of the Southern half of the capital, many of the storefronts located within the Merchant's Ward were turned into multifamily housing while the capital rebuilds.

Wasteling's Ward
In the year 79 of Fall the City of Marble was seiged by a previously unknown force originating from the Jagged Expanse. The capital was able to survive the seige but the Southern half, once made up of the Keeper's Ward and Traveler's Ward, was laid to waste. Years after, the newly named Wasteling's Ward is still under reconstruction.



A city divided. (Hover over me.)
With the everburning gaze of Argous constantly watching over the inhabitants of the City there leaves little room for darkness to thrive. Those that grow up within the City of Marble are often driven by an inner need to remain true to the law, either out of personal belief or fear of punishment.
Under the overbearing and hypercritical eye of Telia watching over the inhabitants of the City, there is little room for mistakes. Those that grow up within the City of Marble are driven to put their all into everything they do, even at the cost of their mental or physical health. Nothing short of perfection will be tolerated.
Order of War
Tyrannically controlled by Lucious, Archangel of Zealotry, the Order of War is the most feared military within Haven.
As of the year 87 of Fall, the Order of War has stopped recruiting men and women of flesh and instead purely make up their ranks of Marbleborn Crusaders.

Order of Marble
Meticulously guided by Selena, Archangel of Marble, the Order of Marble maintains the capital and creates the hundreds of Marbleborn that make up the new wave of Crusaders.
The Order of Marble is also responsible for the technological and medical advancements of the capital but this duty has been neglected for the last couple of decades.

Order of Pyre
As the newest Order of the City of Marble, the Order of Pyre purpose is to maintain the health of the living and the dead. Due to the nature of Rona's Pyres it is believed she is able to make use of the souls of the dead in ways that not even Lady Death can manage.


General Information

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  • Solmite: 71%.
  • Marbleborn: 27%.
  • Other: 2%.

Laws & Customs

No Other Gods Before Us
Living within the City of Marble requires dedicated worship to any member of the Pantheon of the White Flame.
Violence Begits Violence
Violent crimes are dealt with by dealing equal amount of violence on the offender as they did to the victim.
Perfection Forward
Those that are found not seeking perfection are removed from the capital.

Major Exports


There is very little that the City of Marble has to export. To afford the food they purchase from Shardholm it is common for them to lend out their newest recruits with no questions asked.

Major Imports

General Foodstuffs

With the Scourgelands taking the fertile lands of the Solemn Expanse most northern cities would starve without trade.

Advanced Metals

With no resources other than the sea and the titan, the City of Marble is forced to trade with Graystone to arm its many soldiers.

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