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Earthen Titan of Marble


Bemyriq was an ancient Earthen Titan who held dominion over marble and other whitestone. Before her fall at the hands of Argous and Urlog, there was no marble to be found across all of Solith. During her reign, she wielded her power tyrannically and forced the other Earth Elementals of Solith to follow under her as she roamed the entire continent. The stories of the Beastfolk explain that her very steps brought earthquakes and destruction, leading to many of them to become nomadic people.

Titanic Corpse

When she was finally slain, the First Men took no time in repurposing her corpse. Using the fresh marble for artistic creation, they carved her away and used her massive corpse as the foundation of a settlement that would become City of Marble. Her body still lays across the entire settlement as a testament to Argous' power and thousands of craftsman work away trying to find a way to use her nearly indestructible Titan Bones.
Watch the first Queen, pure and white.
Watch as she wanders the world.
Watch the first Queen, her rage unending.
Watch as her corpse is scattered across the earth.
— Fall of Bemyriq, Beln Marrow

General Information

Elemental Classification
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Queen in White, The First Queen, Mother Bemyriq.
12000 235 12235 years old
Circumstances of Death
Bemyriq was slain by the twin Knights Argous and Urlog. They then used her blood to ascend to Divinity.
Elemental, Feminine.
Said to stand at least 60 feet tall.

Quick Notes

  • Bemyriq was one of two Earthen Titans on Solith, the other being Shardkith.
  • It is believed by the Udirkith that Bemyriq existed on Solith before any other sophontic species.


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