Earth Elemental


Earthen Elementals of Ravare commonly originate from the Plane of Caverns or Plane of Mountains but some do originate from more exotic planes of Elemental Earth. They are easily distinguished by often appearing to be made of earth, stone, or metal and found around mountains, caves, or constructed environments such as mines or quarries.

Basic Information

Ecology and Habitats

Ordered Environment

The natural environment of Earth Elementals are caves, caverns, mountains, and ridges. Earth Elementals found within these regions are likely to be more docile and structured than those in unnatural environments.

Chaotic Environments

Earth Elementals are often angered by large quarries or mines and will attempt to establish dominion over these constructed environments by passive takeover or hostile attacks. Miners across Ravare have come up with clever ways to appease these turbulent creatures so that they can continue to harvest the bounty of the earth.

General Information

Native Planes
  • Plane of Caverns
  • Plane of Mountains
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Genetic Descendants

Earthen Primary

Earth Elementals are the primary Element of Protectorate Shamans.

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