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Realm of Dust


Harenus is dead. A world that once supported a realm-spanning empire is now home to only its rotting corpse. Its colossal constructions of stone, metal, and glass emerge like forgotten monoliths from clouds of dust, oceans of sand, and deserts of powdered glass. Each one rings with the echoing calls of long-dead souls clinging to their final moments' thousands of years ago. As the very air, thick like honey, saps the life from any living creature unlucky enough to find itself beneath the choking skies of Haerenus. Only the cannibalistic rats of the land beneath the sands survive, dwelling amongst the lost secrets sequestered in this most ancient place.
As the portal opened, the tower was engulfed in vile dust that not only dried the air but also any skin it touched. Once settled, we were able to peer out into this new plane and gaze upon a vast desert eerily similar to the Parched Expanse of Haven. If it weren't for the two suns high above and the massive, though I believe ruined, citadel I would have accused someone of tampering with the Rune-Coords.
— Domains of Dead Gods, Volume Two


No seas break up the landmasses of Harenus, instead each continent is seperated by oceans of burning sand and choking dust. Each of the four continents show signs of great civilizations that have been wiped from existance for thousands of years. The great buildings having be scrubbed clean by the constant dust storms and buried under the heavy sands.

Atmospheric Conditions

It is nearly impossible to breath on Harenus and magic itself seems to be clogged up by the dust, regardless of the source of power. Very few people are willing to brave the choking skies of Harenus.


Evidence of past empires poke out of the dust desert in defiance to the passage of time. Though there are no sophonts remaining on the realm now, the past holds a rich history. Whoever is the first to investigate the old ruins and and understand their purpose may find out what happened to the people who once called this Realm home.


No sign of life has been found outside what has been brought in.


Rats remain the only creatures on the realm, having leaked in from an unwise traveler. They seem to feast upon themselves to survive.

Energy Sources

No evidence of Glow, Faith, or Primal can be found within the realm. This may be the cosmos first dead realm. The only source of energy exists in the form of ghost stories about souls trapped in time, unaware of their demise so long ago.


It is believed the nations that once existed had mastered multiple forms of magic and potentially several forms of science, but historians willing to delve the ruins are few and far between.


Realm of Dust


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Forgotten Domain

Due to the direct portal leading from the Jagged Expanse to Harenus, it is believed to be the Domain of a forgotten Exarch, perhaps of First Men origin. Few scholars have traveled to Harenus and even less were able to find their way back.

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