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Realm of Auroras


During the day, Lucus is a dark and dreary realm lit by a fading sun but at night it is a vibrant land lit by glorious Glow-fueled auroras. The people of Lucus have mastered the art of carving great totems that are able to reach up into the auroras to fuel great spells that hold their civilizations together.
It is a highly magical realm with little in the way of Faith.


One super-continent dominates Lucus and is the home of all sophonts. Most of the landscape is open tundras, rolling ridges of frosted stone, and great boreal forests. It is a truly beautiful place during the night and a place of depression during the day.

Atmospheric Conditions

The sky remains clear at night, seemingly no matter what kind of storm happened the day before. There is little oxygen where the auroras fly across the sky but this does little to hinder the totem carvers and totem climbers. It does snow often, but only during the day.


Two groups of Manfolk. A set of Auroch-based Beastfolk. Sophontic Mammoth herds. There may be flying sophonts.


Boreal forests hold the bulk of the flora on Lucus in the form of massive pine and fir trees coated in moss and lichen. Large groups of berries can also be harvested that only grow during the night. There is little in the way of fruit-bearing trees so the native diet consists mainly of meat and gathered roots and berries.


Polar bears, artic beasts, whooly beasts, and great birds are a constant sight. The most unique of creatures are powerful Manta-Ray like creatures that fly across the auroras feeding on the raw Glow.

Energy Sources

Glow takes the form of Auroras that hover across the skies at night. To harvest this, many Sophonts have taken to building towering totems to slowly harvest and collect Glow into them. They use these totems to cast massive AoE spells as well. Shamans can predict the future through reading the auroras.
Primal Ice can be gathered only during the day while Primal Light can only be gathered during the night. Elemental Cabals on Lucus are fairly calm.


Totem carving, stone and wood architecture, a variety of cooking techniques. They have little in the way of artificing, smithing, or alchemy.


Realm of Auroras


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