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Realm of Luminescence


Across Meridius massive coral shelves emerge aimlessly from its dark ocean. Each shelf is coated in a vibrant quilt of brightly glowing algae, flora, and fauna. All that lives within these dark waters wards off the looming shadows through their bioluminescence. While entire civilizations have fallen to the gaping maw of the sunless fiend and fear of the dark has become synonymous with the fear of death and catastrophic disaster.


Two major landmasses that are actually coral shelves, one of which has too many holes to build anything successful on. The remaining shelf has the only true city available in the realm that all peoples visit to trade. The rest of the realm is then under dark water, lit up by the creatures.

Atmospheric Conditions

Only stars, three moons. One sun.


Only merfolk. One of them has become primarily coral dwellers, using it to craft tools and such. They maintain a trade nation with all the lesser tribes scattered across the seas.


Massive seaweed that reach from the ocean floor to the tops of the waves. Glowing sponges dot the ground. Lots of undersea grass. Little to no plant life on the coral shelves.


Subnautica fish monsters that glow, all of them, basically. I also want glowing crustaceans.

Energy Sources

The reason everything is bioluminescent is because of the latent Glow and Primal Light. It may be something to do with the coral.


Ore can only be harvested from the sea floor making mining near impossible but the coral makes excellent tools. Bone and hide can also be used to construct sturdy ships. Being that all creatures are imbued with Glow and Primal Light, magic is almost everywhere.


Realm of Luminescence


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