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Realm of Hoarfrost


The sole supercontinent on Hoarus rises like a looming colossus composed of mountain peaks. Standing as frozen witnesses before sweeping sheets of icy tundra. So cold is the air of this continent that the waves of the surrounding oceans freeze and shatter upon the beaches of gravelly permafrost. The life of this Realm is scattered but well adapted to survive their home's terrible cold. A chill lorded over by the secretive and technologically advanced Giants residing within the depths of the neverending Hoarfrost.


Tundras and Peaks

Nearly all of Hoarus is covered in vast permafrost tundras kept frozen by bitingly cold winds that roll down from the massive mountain range found at the center of the plane. Understanding the true scale of these central peaks is a complicated ordeal, but scholars have agreed they must be at least twice the size of any mountain found within Solith.

Frozen Ocean

Though there is an ocean that surrounded the plane, hinting that there may be more than one continent, it is described as being ringed by icebergs making travel by ship nearly impossible. One account by Observation Scholar Hiddimus Tolt claims that when the waves reach the beaches of Hoarus, they freeze and then shatter as they crash into the beach of ice-sand.

Atmospheric Conditions

Hoarus has clear skies that are rarely disrupted by soft, rolling clouds that let down a layer of snow.


Nomadic Ice Manfolk. A variety of Giants.


Bushes and moss grow on the gravel beaches of Hoarus. Mighty pine trees can be seen further inland but it is rare to see much else.


Lots of predatory artice creatures. Hoarus has a suprisingly large variety of bears and Godbeasts.

Energy Sources

The mountains supply endless waves of Primal Ice and Primal Air, as if they may be Elementals themselves. Glow can be gathered from the caverns that dig into the mountains.


Tribal and nomadic tech with advanced forms of smithing, architecture, and related sciences held secretively by the ruling giant class in the mountains.


Realm of Hoarfrost


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