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Realm of Glaciers


One of the largest realms to exist, Glacus, is a world of vast oceans and continental glaciers. Each of this Realm's eight icy lands supports a unique biosphere altered by a foreign Primal Element, the will of a High-Totem, and the toil of civilizations founded upon them. Thus the wake of these titanic ice blocks is seeded with a corrupted version of the Realm of Glacier's natural order. From the MeltWater Continent's steaming ocean to the Crystalline Hall's Stonewall. Few places on Glacus remain pure expressions of its native existence.


Broken up into eight unique glaciers, each one influenced by one of the eight elements, Glacus is an immense realm influenced by the entire cosmos. Surviving the realm, however, is far easier said than done. The oceans between the glaciers are filled with ice-based leviathans that wish nothing more than to consume.
Each glacier will have unique culture attached to it influenced by their High-Totems. Each High-Totem represents one of the primary Elements.

Atmospheric Conditions

The skies are similar to other, more "natural" realms. A functioning weather system, plenty of stars. Strangly, it has no moon to help control the tides. This causes the glaciers to always travel in the same direction until they crash.


Eight different Manfolk. Asian-Dragon-like Sophonts that roam the seas. Two tribes of Merfolk.


Each glacier has a unique set of flora and fauna, making the realm rather complex in nature. But to generalize the flora of the sea would be to gesture at strange, crystal-eating water-fungus and large bodies of frost coral.


Each glacier has a unique set of flora and fauna, making the realm rather complex in nature. But to generalize the creatures of the sea primarily inspired by artic fish and arctic mammals. Without these aquatic mammals to supply hide, meat, and bones the sophonts of Glacus would have long perished.

Energy Sources

Each Glacier is filled with Primal Ice and Glow. Similar to Leylines.


Specialized crafts have been developed to allow the Manfolk to mount seal+whale-like creatures.
8 different tech trees. Yikes.


Realm of Glaciers


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