Realm of the Seas


Marus is a realm of endless blue sea and sky. Its floating island chains, anchored in the clouds and atop the waves, support a biosphere rampant with life. Whose diverse cultures' mastery of the sail is unsurpassed in all the Cosmos and only hampered by their lack of earthen wealth. The metals required to make even a simple spearhead are so rare that you may strip an entire island to complete the task. Only their ingenious adaptations of woodcraft and carpentry have allowed civilization to flourish in the Realm of Seas.


The island chains of Marus don't just float on water, several of them are able to float upon the clouds as well. This has made it so that civilization has arisen in both the air and the sea. Due to the lack of seafloor, there appears to be no truly aquatic species.

Atmospheric Conditions

The clouds of Marus are actually solid and made up of pure Primal Air. Because of this, they are able to lift up entire sections of the earth to float like islands.


Aquatic and Aerial Manfolk. Several types of Merfolk. There are a type of sophontic leeches that require a humanoid host.


Special types of trees that grow atop the water similar to lillipads. There are nearly no underwater plants because of the lack of seabed. The floating islands have a larger variety of plant life.


An insanely vibrant amount of fish of various colors. Hundreds of birds. A few reptiles that glide across the skies and never actually land throughout their entire lives.

Energy Sources

Glow can be harvested from the rainbow fish, they seem to consume it. Most people on Marus are magically inclined due to eating these fish for sustenacne. The color of the fish dictates how much glow it has consumed.


They have absolutely mastered shipbuilding but have also mastered the creation of a variety gliders that normally only allow one person at a time. Their industry is hampered by the lack of stone or ores. This has made metal objects insanely valuable as it often takes the destruction of an entire island to make a few steel spears.


Realm of the Seas


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