Lumair (lo͞o-mer)

The Dazzle Woods


Lumair is the youngest continent to be pulled out of the Muddle. As people fled the burning wastes that Mortvech became, an effort was made to drag new land out directly out of the Muddle. While it was more successful than anyone had hoped Lumair is an unstable continent soaked in chaotic energies.
The continent itself is coated in trees like the rest of Caligus but instead of being a land of long shadows and stalking predators, many of the flora of Lumair is bioluminescent.
Most shockingly to the migrants of Muddle was that this new continent they had just forced into order was not uninhabited. Lumair is primarily inhabited by Muddle Faefolk, a type of Muddle Creature able to survive the Mortal Lands.

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