Duvanna (do͞o-vawn-uh)

Spectral Hunting Grounds


Once considered the capital continent of Caligus, Duvanna was ruled over by an elite mageocracy. Immense towers were built across the continent to work as highly focused wards able to keep the Muddle trapped at the shoreline. But even with their magical prowess the people of Duvanna were unable to protect themselves from the Cursed Sun's wrath.
Many of the towers were destroyed by the Cursed Sun sending massive waves of destructive energy. These waves were so fierce and so swift that they ripped the mortal form from the Duvanna people leaving them as spectral undead known as the Duvula.
Today, Duvanna is a continent of towering ruins scattered across a great forest. What few living creatures remain in the haunted land are hunted down by Muddle-crazed undead.

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