Mortal Lands


The Mortal Lands are dominated by ancient forests and towering mountain ranges that reach so high they trap the clouds in place leaving the land tenebrous and cold. What light that does filter through the seas of pallid clouds comes from the Cursed Sun, an ageless entity who’s very existence is to purge the realm of it’s shadowy denizens.

Holy Moon

If not for the blessings of the Holy Moon, the Mortal Lands would have long charred away under the hateful star. With daylight being a force of destruction, the creatures of Caligus are often nocturnal and predatory. The Holy Moon may guide the weak to safety but the forests give sanctuary to the predators of the night.

Land without Sea

No seas surround the Mortal Lands, instead a storm of shadows and chaos border the land. This storm, known as the Muddle, appears as a mockery of reality. Impossible colors light up the darkness calling out for the foolish to join in the reverly. Those that enter the Muddle are changed by it, broken down to their base natures and rebuilt into monsters known simply as Muddle Creatures.

Continents within the Mortal Lands

General Information

Alternative Name(s)
The Woods
Natural Wonder
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