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Caligus (kal-e-gəs)

Realm of Remembrance


Broken into two distinct realities, Caligus is a realm of isolation and paranoia. Under the governance of Shadow, the Mortal Lands cling to order and structure to fight against the storms of insanity at their borders. All the while, under the governance of Storm, the Muddle seeks endless expansion without structure or constraint.


Realm of Remembrance


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The oldest continent to have risen from the Muddle, this continent burdens a living mantle of titanic forests grown from the putrescent corpses of creatures older than the realm itself. Under the shadows of these monolithic trees civilization has found its place. Great cities are built to syphon the latent Primal from the trees to fuel Muddlewards.
When the Cursed Sun began its conquest against the living, Adurvech held strong against the destructive light. With the Cursed Sun's wrath held back by ancient boughs, the continent is now a den of safety for the many creatures that now fear the daylight.


The large Northern continent of Caligus. It's deep forests are dotted with the ancient ruins of a fallen mageocracy and home of the spectral Duvala. Most societies within Duvanna survive within the crumbling ruins of their ancestors, relying on misunderstood artifacts in defense against the Muddle and the hungering dead.


Once a flourishing continent of Caligus home to several civilizations, Mortvech is now a burning wasteland destroyed by the Cursed Sun. Seasonally the forests of Mortvech grow from the ashes of their ancestral roots only to be burned away by the destructive light. Many that once lived in Mortvech went and settled Lumair.


Ripped from the Muddle by the refugees of Mortvech in dire need of a new home, Lumair is the youngest continent of Caligus. Though it has been seperated from Muddle it is still inhabited by natives of that chaotic ocean. The most obvious sign of of Lumair's origins are the bioluminescent trees and creatures that give it the nickname of Dazzle Woods.

Imina Cali

Spoken of in reverence by priests, elders, and madmen of Caligus, Imina Cali is believed to be the meeting place of the most powerful beings on Caligus. Due to its illusive nature and location deep within the Muddle, it has labeled by some as just fairy tale told to give children hope that the world is governed by a greater power than even the Exarchs.

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