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Realm of Reefs


Satulus is a watery paradise fed by the fertile bed of its long-dormant volcanoes. This primarily aquatic realm is home to few surface-dwelling creatures but is rife with life beneath the weaves. There it clings to massive reefs, beds of seaweed, and undersea vents. The diverse and lush biosphere of Satulus is its true wealth and is home to countless species of fish and plant life. The Realm of Reefs is a land untouched by the scars of civilizations and holds the ideal conditions for any water breather.


A few island chains can be found on the realm that support a single type of frog-like sophont. Mankind has yet to reach this realm. But under the water are massive depths filled to the brim with life of all kinds.

Atmospheric Conditions

Besides an overabundance of rain, the atmosphere of Satulus is fairly tame.


Mor-Miks, frog-like Sophont that prefer to live peaceful lives amongst the glorious reefs. Even the Elementals of Satulus seem unnaturally calm.


Coral. massive seaweed, entire underwater forests, tons of kelp. There are unique flowering plants that grow atop the ocean waves. They are large enough that some Mor-Miks have used them as make-shift ships to travel the realm.


For every color your eye can see, and then some more, there are thirty types of fish. Giant sea turtles also are a common sight. Predators exist in Satulus, but they have so much to eat they are fairly docile when not hungry. Whales are the closest thing to Sophontic in the entire sea, they can even use magic.

Energy Sources

Primal Life can be found in large orbs on the ocean floor, suppling everything the massive plants and corals could ever need. Primal Water is guarded by aquatic, serpentine creatures and not allowed to be used. Glow is found trapped in the obsidian formed by the now dormant volcanos of old.


The Mor-Miks have little need for advanced technology. Instead, they prefer to rely on Glow-Infused obsidian to make all their tools. They don't even participate in the creation of housing because the rains often just knock them down.


Realm of Reefs


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