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Realm of Spice


A bountiful realm with majestic butterflies the size of islands, immense flower gardens, and a rare form of spice that is works as a physical manifestation of Glow. The people here are rich and bountiful but their wealth, and trade empires, have made them shrewd and untrusting. Nidorus is one of the larger realms in the cosmos yet has managed to remain fairly secluded from the other realms. They do not take kindly to exoteric outsiders.


As a massive realm, Nidorus has 7 distinct continents each one abundunat with life. Travel between these continents is fairly tame leading to several civilizations being built around sea travel. It is believed that each continent has it's own source of Spice. Each type of Spice has it's own color and affect, potentially linked to Primal energies.

Atmospheric Conditions

Many of the continents have large clouds of pollen that float through the air making it hard to breathe. This is caused by the massive plants.


A large variety of Manfolk organized by Earth Travelers, Sea Travelers, and Air Travelers. A group of Sophontic Bees that gain sophonce by making honey of Spice Flowers. This honey also lead to a variety of strange Sophonts in the form of Awoken beasts. Elementals take shape as flying clouds of Spice, known as Djiin.


Flowering plant dominate the realm. Trees, roots, grasses, and even some fungi have learned how to flower. Most exotic of these are Spice Flowers (to be renamed) which supply the variety of Spice needed to maintain Nidorus trade empires.


Lots of pollenators from bees, to flies, to bats, and birds. Even mammals on this realm likely feed on flowers in one form or another. There are even some pollinating animals.

Energy Sources

Glow is found in Spice, there are seven different types allowing seven different types of magic. To master all seven would cost a fortune.


Flight through magic and via ships that use large gusts of wind to stay afloat. On Nidorus, all vehicles are made to carry a bulk amount of goods. Roads cover many of the continents and the seas have been mapped. They have some automation, but normally it involves magic.


Realm of Spice


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