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The earth shudders and travels like ocean waves within the Realm of Quakes. Chasms open up to release hordes of hungering insects only to crash closed moments later. When the ground itself wishes to shake you loose, the Sophonts of Brastus have developed clever ways to bolt their homes and cities to the earth, riding it like a ship on a violent sea. Others have found safety burrowing deep, fighting off the creatures of hunger and rage for each cavern they claim.


The continents of Brastus shift and move like waves making it impossible to properly map or navigate the realm without magical assistance. This is made worse by the Quake Elementals that seem to find cruel joy in stranding travelers foolish enough to wander into their realm.

Atmospheric Conditions

The sky is thick with dust from the shifting earth letting little sunlight filter down.


Nomadic bug-people that survive through nomadically hunting large populations of Quake Beetles.


There is little to no flora other than hardened grasses.


Lots of insects and bugs. Quake Beetles are the "leaders" of these bugs which have developed an ability to detect the worst of the quakes.

Energy Sources

With each quake, Glow, Primal Storm, and Primal Earth is released.


Technology crumbles under the distructive waves of Brastus.


Realm of Quakes


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