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Realm of Growth


Auctus is a primeval Realm where natural cycles give rise to a constant and wild growth. With enough time, all life on Auctus grows to awe inspiring sizes only hampered by the limits of mortal fortitude. Even the mightiest forms of life here will one day fall victim to the sheer gargantuan size of their ever-expanding forms. Thereby releasing the energy they have absorbed over their lifetime... reclaimed by the Realm and its lesser denizens to begin the cycle anew.


The single continent of Auctus is believed to actually be the Origin the first living thing that was not Elemental or fauna. Like all things on Auctus, this continent has never stopped growing while it traverses the Great Blue, an endless sea. All life on Auctus can be found on or around this single continent.

Atmospheric Conditions

Clear skies only broken up by trees that seemingly reach beyong reality. With such massive flora, oxygen is super prevalent allowing for larger creatures and sophonts.


Some form of Manfolk that start off small and continuely grow to reach titanic sizes. Various Beastfolk likely also roam the land, supported by Godbeasts.

Unable to die of old age, it is very common for animals to become Godbeasts on Auctus. For every Divine there are at least eight Godbeasts.


Endless jungles, immense forests, caverns of mushrooms. Auctus supports floral life in all forms and supplies enough Primal Life to support any ecosystem. Some flora manage to grow large enough to create their own biomes.


Like all things on Auctus, the beasts are massive. The elementals are massive. Everything continues to grow unhindered by anything but their own consumption requirements and the predation of larger creatures.

Energy Sources

Glow gathers up into the largest of creatures, when they die they release massive bursts that power new creatures. This cycle, fueled by the Origin Trees ability to convert Primal Life to Glow, allows for insanely powerful Magi.
The endless sunlight of Auctus supplies enough Primal Light to fuel almost any Conduits wildest dreams.
Primal Life must be consumed by taking it from other living creatures of flora. Certain plants, such as the Origin Trees, are able to use Primal Life and convert it to other forms of power.


With unaging sophonts continueing to develope and grow new ways of life, technology on Auctus is suprisingly complex. Most techonology on Auctus relies on Primal Life to function and entire civilizations can seemingly be supported by a mixture of tamed Elementals and Life-Imbued @Formed. However, most civilizations eventually collapse under the weight of titanic creatures or raging Godbeasts leading to a constant cycle of rediscovery.


Realm of Growth


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