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Sun-Worship (sʌn-ˈwɜːʃɪp)


Across the Cosmos, many of the stars that provide warmth and light for their local Realm are actually living entities themselves. Elemental Titans are the most common but some Exarchs, such as the Cursed Sun, are Divine in nature. Because of this, it is not uncommon for many Realms to have some form of star worship. Even on Realms where their star is just a massive burning ball of plasma, or similar.

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The Faefolk of Hallus were proud Sun-Worshippers with various rituals created to properly harvest the Primal Fire released from Hallus' massive sun.
After the SunFade, this worship was all but outlawed in Faefolk communities. The rituals that once brought them warmth and power now instead absorbed Primal Ice instead. In the place of the fire-bound Charlings and Emberlings grew the Warlocks of the Holy Light. For this growing religion, a core belief was that through the power of worship they could reignite the sun or create a new Divine in its image.


Plants like sunlight. Auctus has big plants.

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