Realm of Ash


Said to have been the first flame in the cosmos, Hallus now is a decaying ember of its former glory. The very sun of Hallus was infected by Primal Ice and is now going out. This event, known as the SunFade to those unfornant enough to know of it, will eventually be the death knell of the entire realm. The living creatures now survive by any means they can muster, relying on life giving flames kept safe.


Hallus is comprised of 4 different continents, and one of which that has gone completely dormant from the Sunfade.

Atmospheric Conditions

With the fires going out, the air is now chocked full of ash and soot. Vision is obscured, lungs burn, and small fires spark at inopportune times. This is made worse the closer you get to a remnant of civilization.


Ashen Manfolk. Ashen Elementals. Some form of Bone Giant. An entire Feyfolk Empire focused on reliting the sun.


Most flora on Hallus has been grown to burn quickly and brightly, giving the much needed light and warmth for civilization to thrive. Forest fires were once encouraged and welcomed are now feared because the realm just does not seem to be able to maintain the fires it once did.


All creatures on Hallus, and most fire realms, crave heat and use it as a second form of substenance. Now that flames are dying out, the diversity in creatures is plummeting as only the strongest can survive the flame draught. Some of the more notable creatures from this line-up are the "Ash Stag", "Ash Bears", and "Demon Looking Bat Things."

Energy Sources

Glow flows under the earth in small, nearly invisible streams and seep up into the flora. The flora then is meant to combust into flames yearly, releasing Primal Fire and Glow. This is no longer happening. There is no seeming source of Primal Decay other than from the SunHunter Elementals.


Much of society was built around harvesting the power of the sun and the natural power present in flames. Crude combustion engines, solar-powered forging equipment. All of this has gone dead with the SunFade.


Realm of Ash


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