Realm of Ash


Said to have once been the Cosmos' first flame, Hallus is now a decaying ember of its former glory. This Realm of Ash held a frontier land of limitless opportunity. Its unbridled potential squandered by a sun that grew empty and cold. That still cooling corpse of a once-bright star now saps the heat and life away from its Realm. SunFade slowly pushes this world towards its inevitable destruction. While survivors cling to the fading grace of life-giving flames. Kept safe since the age of light, thunder, and the rusting laws of steel.


As the Sunfade devastated the lands of Hallus, the realm's weavers felt the strength of their magic slip away from them. Now, Glow is as fickle as warmth in these ashen wastelands, slipping away from those who seek to cultivate it like water through fingers. The Old Ways, the dangerous technologies from the previous era, remain the only true way of gathering Glow from the barren land and air surrounding a Weaver. Though, those come at a cost, both spiritually and socially, as many folk surviving the wastes have lost much to the wicked machines still churning with energy.


Primal energies remain a constant across the realm. While the Divines fade, and the Glow disappates rapidly, the Elementals of the Realm remain active in their designs to accumulate power. Some mortals swear by this power as the saving grace from the Sunfade, hoarding it in what remains of devastated settlements and once-industrious cities. The various Warlock faiths recruit Primal conduits to bolster their ranks and further their causes. Meanwhile, the Hives continue their work below the ground, churning up heat and Decay with a frenzy.


A sophontic soul is a powerful weapon and tool in shaping miracles. On Hallus, this beautiful art has been warped beyond recognition, giving rise to darker powers such as the Old Ways and Soul Works. The First Engineers broke a soul ten thousand ways, and each time learned darker and more sinister methods for fueling their designs. These horrific secrets persist into the current age, as desperate survivors scavenge upon the corpse of the Old Ways for another day of life. Haunts and Old Folk struggle at the edges of the Depots and dying towns, as unfortunate reminders of pain and torment.


Around the year 381st of Third Blaze, the reign of Hallus came to an end. The blazing sun, a source of power, fuel, and guidance, was corrupted from an unknown source. Announcing the end with a catastrophic explosion that shook the Realm itself, the sun grew dim and began to draw in heat rather than gift it to the creatures of Hallus. The explosion covered the Realm in Primal Ash and the Old Ways were brought to a staggered halt. The machines that the ancient civilizations relied upon began to suffer from cascading failures.
This event, now named the SunFade, has only gotten worse with the generations. Civilization has been able to cling the ruins of their past, repairing or scavenging the machines of the Old Ways to fight against the growing cold. But with each year the sun grows colder and more of the Old Ways become unsalvagable.


Across Hallus are large structures of steel and fire that perform a variety of tasks from automated weaponry, large-scale factories, to even rudamentary artificial intelligence.
However, the average individual on Hallus only has a vague understanding of the differences between science and magic, prefering to lump them together. Because of this, ancient technology, known as the Old Ways, is treated like occult magic only understood by madmen and heretics.
More modern forms of technology are becoming more used day-to-day as they are required to survive in the harsh environment. Examples of this modernized tech are coal-powered heaters, crude engines, or gunpowder devices such as explosives or firearms. It is only the continent of Spire that remains truly industrial in technology, worshipping the machines as a form of divinity that have the potential to save them from the SunFade.


Realm of Ash


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Located furthest from the dying sun, Ashlend is seen as a veritable paradise of warmth in comparision to the other dying continents. Enough heat still seeps from cracks in the dry earth to allow for life to grow. It is also notably home to the Throne of the Lord, the largest Depot on Hallus. It is here the Great Engine is repaired and readied for its next year-long journey.


So close to the dying sun, Desolation was the first continent to be claimed by the growing cold. When viewed from the Great Engine, the land appears almost serene, frozen in time. Massive crowds can be seen, frozen and gathered around each Depot in hopes they would survive long enough to board. Even the wind seems unable to blow across the landscape.


Rich in resources and Old Ways ruins, Spire is named after the massive citadel built at the center on the continent that was once able to draw power directly from the sun itself. People from around the Realm migrate to the continent in hopes they will find luck in scavenging the hundreds of ruins that scatted the landscape.


With the highest population and most Depots, Westlend is known as the land of progress. At the start of the SunFade, the Capitals of Westlend came together to form the Pact of the West, an agreement that each Capital should focus on different aspects of survival so that all are able to prosper under the dying sun.


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