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Last Engine (læst ˈɛnʤən)


The final creation and magnum opus of the Lord of the Rails, the Last Engine is a massive, multi-dimensional train that crosses the realm of Hallus on a yearly cycle. Since the SunFade, the Last Engine has become crucial to the survival of civilization with every Depot becoming the equivalent of a capital city.

For Survival

As the histories state, the Last Engine was constructed through steel and Faith by the Lord of the Rails to save the faithful. So dedicated to the people of the realm, the Exarch took out his own soul and placed it within the engine itself. He is the Last Engine and the Last Engine is Him.

For Sacrafice

A terrifying aspect of the Last Engine is what happens to those that have been struck by this most holy of trains. As your body is crushed, mangled, and thrown under the countless the soul is given to the Domain of the Rails. Every Railkeeper represents a soul that was stolen from its original form and forced to forever serve the Last Engine.

General Information

Owning Organization
Current location

Holy Days

For the last 300 years, the Last Engine has arrived and departed from each Depot on the same day with no exceptions. With how vital the Last Engine is for survival, each Depot has a set Holy Day for Arrival. What partakes during this celebration varies for each Depot but generally, laborers are given the day off and feasts are held to entice those on the Last Engine to make the Depot their home.

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