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Old Ways


The ancient, blasphemous technology found in ruins across Hallus. The people of Hallus have little understanding of the Old Ways, leading to fear of or devotion to these ancient machines and factories. Despite the cultural apprehension to the Old Ways and the often extreme sacrifices to keep these machines appeased, the people of Hallus have begun to rely on the Old Ways more with each passing generation as the SunFade makes surviving without advanced machinery impossible.
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When conflicted Primal Elements are placed together, a form of primal energy known as Confliction is created. In natural environments, this energy is only found in small amounts and quickly disperses back into the Primal Elements in conflict when they separate. When Confliction was discovered by the First Engineers of Hallus they used it to power a variety of devices from simple lightbulbs to entire factories.

Around Hallus, the unauthorized use of Confliction is considered a crime.

Soul Works

The process of using Sophontic Souls as a way to create autonomous machines can be found on many Realms but it is the Spirians who took this artifice the furthest.
In their desperate attempts to maintain the legacy of their First Engineer ancestors, the Spirians developed techniques to not only separate the Sophontic Soul from its natural body but also disconnect it from any Divine Domain. These bodiless, domainless Souls could be used to create living machines able to maintain true autonomy at the cost of endless pain noted to be completely indescribable.
The practice of Soul Working is most commonly found on the continent of Spire but societies across Hallus rely on these ancient, pain-maddened, living machines for their very survival.


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31 May, 2023 15:20

Awww, poor machine-soul creatures. :(

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
3 Jun, 2023 10:31

If only my players had this level of empathy. :(

Author of Ravare.
1 Jun, 2023 23:34

Whose souls did the Spirians use? Are the means of creating those machines being brought back, or is it just that those old machines are being repaired and used once more?

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3 Jun, 2023 10:30

"Whose souls" is a good section to add, thank you for that question.   To answer it, for now, certain cultures deemed the concept of being transcended into a machine to be a great honor but generally, most Souls were not taken from willing participants. There is a reason why Spire had hundreds of factories and not a single prison.   They are being badly repaired, as of now. The fear around the Old Ways has made research into it difficult to do safely or with enough funding to do so successfully. Many of the machines that are currently in use are barely understood and were activated originally by reckless scavengers.

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