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Short Summary

Massive, Divine-Fueled factories found in secluded areas across Hallus. Most are believed to no longer function after the SunFade, if they ever existed at all. A majority originate on Spire but not all.

Rumored Reliquarium

  • Apocrypha - Made to divine knowledge not meant to be known
  • Baptism - Created the most advanced Old Folk
  • Cannonality - Saint-creating factory
  • Dormition - Where the Last Engine was created
  • Limbo - An execution factory
  • Purgatory - Created the Haunts, may have been built around self-sacrifice
  • Salvation - A theoretical factory that is able to cross realms
  • Revelation - Factory that is creating a "False Sun", it started this process hundreds of years pre-SunFade
  • Tribunal - The first Reliquarium said to have taught the Soul Works to Hallus
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Author's Notes

The use of Catholic terminology is intentional will be a constant theme involed in the Old Ways.

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