Haunt (/hɔnt/)

Miscreated Deadfolk

Residing alongside the boundaries of life and death, Haunts wander the wastelands of Hallus seeking an understanding of their place in the Cosmos. Each Haunt originates from the same place, a near-mythical Reliquarium known as Purgatory, and many have spent much of their existence wandering the rusting wastes of Spire in search of it. Needing no food or drink, many Haunts go by unnoticed living on the outskirts of society and only engaging when in need of heat or supplies.
Despite this generally anti-social outlook on existence, Haunts are well-known to gather in large groups within Depots to trade knowledge and secrets with their fellow Deadfolk. With their innate ability to glean esoteric knowledge from the Old Ways around them, some Depots even specialize in these gatherings to keep their ancient machines running.


The miscreated Deadfolk of Hallus.

On the continent of Spire sits a great machine of the Old Ways said to be capable of granting you eternal life but also eternal damnation. Those that dare enter the maws of Purgatory are reborn as the Deadfolk known as Haunts, unaging undead with the secrets of the Old Ways slowly driving them mad.


  • All Haunts are from the SunFade, with the oldest of their number being a Haunt for just 70 years.
  • Haunts remember a great deal of their past life, but it feels more like stolen memories.
  • Haunts remember memories of other Haunts when interacting in groups.
  • Haunts are named after the way they seem to congregate around specific areas, "haunting" them. One example is Ghost-Water.

General Information

There are no records of Haunts ever dying.
Average Height
Originating from any other form of non-Formedfolk Sophont, Haunts vary in size and shape greatly.
Average Weight
About half of their origin Sophonts weight.
Geographic Distribution
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